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When you exercise, your foot feels a certain pressure, and with different types of the loads vary. Therefore, to avoid injuries and to make exercises more enjoyable, sneakers should be selected on the basis of how exactly you are doing sports.

In tennis foot should be supported on all sides, so sneakers with reinforced backdrop are preferred. The sole should be flexible enough.

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Running sneakers should be light and should soften the blow, and therefore it is preferable to choose shoes with air pockets under the heel and cushion of the foot. Air pockets are fairly large cavities inside the soles filled with air. Thanks to them the sole of running sneakers can soften the blow.

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If you're going to do step aerobics, pay attention to the high sneakers. In these shoes your ankle will be well fixed, and you will avoid damage to the ankle joint. Shoes should be fairly easy, it is good if the shoe manufacturer will make an air cushion under your toe.

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To walk on uneven terrain you'll need sneakers with a rigid corrugated sole and soft top. Fixation of ankle joint must be rigid enough, so you should choose sneakers with a high lace.

If you do not give preference to certain kinds of sports, but prefer regular physical exercises, then choose universal sneakers. The foot should be sufficiently rigid fixed, under the heel airbag is desired, and sneakers should not be too high.

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