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They say we choose the style (as well as specific clothing and footwear) in accordance with our nature. So why not look at the process of choosing shoes from a psychological point of view? If you want to change your style - then buy more shoes! A strange rule, but it works.

Heels and stilettos above 7 cm - it is a challenge. It is an easy, sexy, freedom-loving behavior, an original perspective on life. This is a desire to attract the attention of others.

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Shoes with studs and stiletto heels are for active, confident, and at the same time, prudent and considerate persons. Their owner can enjoy her charm, she easely makes new acquaintances. Their main trump is an absolute femininity.

Platform shoes are chosen by emancipated and freedom-loving women. For such women victory means much, and self-confidence, obstinacy and straightness are an essential component of her character.

Shoes with low, soft wedgies indicate a quiet, flexible, relaxed persons. Choosing such shoes a woman often is not confident in herself, but this does not prevent her to be easy and pleasant to talk to.

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Shoes with higher wedgies (5-7 cm) are favorite shoes of feminine, sophisticated, self-confident persons who appreciate the firm stand, and at the same time, successful balance between comfort and style.

Models, styled for men (low wide heel, wide same block, a noticeable welt, etc.) are favorite shoes of confident persons who desire to live according to established laws. Such women perfectly understand herselves and know what to expect from life.

Sport models that make our walk relaxed and casual are often chosen by sociable persons. But they are often conservative and difficult to accept change.

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Small studs or backless models are chosen by skittish women who are ready for adventures. Their nsecurity is often illusory but incredibly attractive to others.

Do you see yourself in some of the portraits described above? What kind of shoes would you prefer for everyday use? And what kind of person would you like to be? If you can answer all these questions specifying only one described type, than you are a lucky girl!

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