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When you choose shoes or boots, remember that the best choice for any season are shoes and boots made of natural material, that will allow the skin of your feet to breathe and will not impede the natural heat transfer. It is recommended that boots should be made of genuine leather, nubuck, suede, textiles.

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boots, ugg boots

Do not forget that natural materials, in contrast to the artificial ones, eventually take the shape of the foot. By the way, when the weather is warm, feet may swell a little, so keep that in mind when buying a summer footwear.

In summer it is not recommended to wear patent leather shoes. In patent leather shoes you can go to any official event, but for every day wear it is better to have open sandals or shoes made of natural materials.

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In spring and fall it is important that boots are not water tight and at the same time allow the foot to breathe. If demi shoes or boots are fastened with zipper, it should not begin too close to the bottom, otherwise the legs will get wet if you step into a shallow puddle. In contrast to summer shoes, boots should not fit close to the foot because you're not going to wear them on bare feet. You should try them on a tight sock.

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In winter boots the main thing is a sole. It should be fairly thick, with a special anti-slip protector. The most secure is wearing boots with a variety of tread pattern - for example, one part in form of strips and the other in form of rounded protrusions. Heel-tap on boots must also have a protector. It should be rubber, not plastic, or foot will slip.

To retain heat it is best to wear leather boots lined with fur, such as sheep or beaver lamb, and with fur insole. Choosing the proper winter boots, you can not fear the harsh cold weather and slippery sidewalks.

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