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They say we choose the style (as well as specific clothing and footwear) in accordance with our nature. So why not look at the process of choosing shoes from a psychological point of view? If you want to change your style - then buy more shoes! A strange rule, but it works.

Heels and stilettos above 7 cm - it is a challenge. It is an easy, sexy, freedom-loving behavior, an original perspective on life. This is a desire to attract the attention of others.

Shoes with studs and stiletto heels are for active, confident, and at the same time, prudent and considerate persons. Their owner can enjoy her charm, she easely makes new acquaintances. Their main trump is an absolute femininity.

Platform shoes are chosen by emancipated and freedom-loving women. For such women victory means much, and self-confidence, obstinacy and straightness are an essential component of her character.

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In spring and fall it is important that boots are not water tight and at the same time allow the foot to breathe. If demi shoes or boots are fastened with zipper, it should not begin too close to the bottom, otherwise the legs will get wet if you step into a shallow puddle. In contrast to summer shoes, boots should not fit close to the foot because you're not going to wear them on bare feet. You should try them on a tight sock.

To retain heat it is best to wear leather boots lined with fur, such as sheep or beaver lamb, and with fur insole. Choosing the proper winter boots, you can not fear the harsh cold weather and slippery sidewalks.


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Greek style sandals or gladiator sandals are very popular this summer. Shoes and sandals with lots of straps, ribbons and rivets are also very stylish and trendy. Sandals in Greek style are usually made of dark or brown skin, but bright colors still do not go out of fashion, so sandals of pink, yellow and blue colors are also trendy this summer.

Men's sandals trends continue to go beyond the traditional fashion. After the shoes with spikes among the trends of the season there are sandals that look like a hybrid of gladiators and army boots or sneakers.


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When you exercise, your foot feels a certain pressure, and with different types of the loads vary. Therefore, to avoid injuries and to make exercises more enjoyable, sneakers should be selected on the basis of how exactly you are doing sports.

Running sneakers should be light and should soften the blow, and therefore it is preferable to choose shoes with air pockets under the heel and cushion of the foot. Air pockets are fairly large cavities inside the soles filled with air. Thanks to them the sole of running sneakers can soften the blow.


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Moccasins are unisex shoes. We can often meet both men and women who prefer to wear moccasins. moccasins are practical, stylish and comfortable shoes. Many designer brands always present moccasins in their new collections of men's and women's shoes. moccasins are beautiful in themselves and as a replacement for sandals and slippers in warm season when you need to look more formal.

The main feature of moccasins is the skin on the soles with characteristic rubber pads, that run up on the backdrop, as well as decals and labels on the tongue. Sports moccasins are made with zippers and laces, however, it is already a small deviation from the classic form of moccasins.

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